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Camel Pants Featuring VIP.COM

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well and most importantly hydrated. I know I always complain about the weather but honestly it has never been this real. I remember bailing on shoots whenever it was too hot outside but recently, I feel like all I have been doing is shoot outfits in over 90 degrees weather. 
Let me stop before I go on another rant about how much I hate summer. In this post I will be sharing with you my recent collaboration with Vip.com. They asked me to choose one of their pieces and I went with these camel pants.

Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me Feat. Shein

Like I promised on my last post, I'm back with another outfit featuring the same crop top from Shein. This time I am wearing the black version. I was really going for that 'call be, beep me if you wanna reach me' look (any Kim Possible fan out there? lol). I may not be as flexible nor as badass as the childhood bae but I think I nailed the look. 

Crop Top Obsession (Ft. Shein)

My crop top collection is continuously growing. I don't know why I have to have so many of them, but they are my go to tops. I wear crop tops even in the winter, so of course when it is hot I have to take advantage of the weather and actually dress for the season.