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Black Midi Dress

I find myself gravitating towards midi dresses instead of pants lately. I just find them to be very convenient when I am in a rush. Put on a dress, coat, some booties and I'm out the door. You can look put together with half the hassle. There's only one problem with wearing dresses in the winter, you might have a hard time trying to keep yourself warm. I looked everywhere to find dresses that are winter friendly without it being a sweater and I finally found one from Romwe.

Pleat Please

When I tell you this shoot was a struggle, I am not joking. The second I stepped out the door with my outfit, I knew it was a big mistake trusting my friend when she said "It's actually not that cold outside". To make matters worst, not only was I battling the cold, but I also had to deal with the harsh wind. Of course I would pick the worst day to decide to wear a maxi skirt.

Once again, I've teamed up with Make Me Chic style one of their products. This time I will be styling one of their gorgeous maxi pleated skirt. This skirt has definitely become one of my favorites. Not only does this skirt drapes effortlessly, the color is so pretty it hurts. I believe they also have other colors on the website.  I'm even tempted to get a black one because why not. 
Skirt | Make Me Chic
Jacket | Zara
Top | Forever 21
Shoes | Sam Edelman

Velvet Glory

I know it's quite early, but how has 2017 been treating you guys so far? I've been really enjoying my winter break. So far everything has been quite balanced. I have time to do blog work, hang out with my friends and family, and even time for myself (aka sleep and watch k-dramas). When spring semester starts, I know everything will go out of balanced and my life will be a hot mess once again.