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Bundling up with DressLily

The temperature has been around the 40s lately. I thought this would be the right time to get ready for winter before the actual temperature hits us in the face. I went on DressLily and decide to make you guys a wishlist. In this list I will be showing you 10 items that you don't want to miss out. They will keep you warm yet still be fashionable.
Lapel Woolen Cocoon Coat - SAGE GREEN M

Frayed Edges Ft. Rose Gal

I've been seeing the wide-legged-jeans trend everywhere. I've always wanted to try but I was always scared that they would not flatter my body. I'm so glad I actually gave this trend a chance and just went with these pair from Rose Gal. Not only was it a great decision, I would probably recommend this style trend to everybody.

Off-The-Shoulder with Shein

I have to admit, I am officially on the off-the-shoulder band wagon. Yes, I know I am super late. I honestly don't even know if it is even still a popular trend in fashion. I used to be quite skeptical in trying off-the-shoulder pieces, just because I'm not the biggest fan of my shoulders. I didn't want to bring any attention to my shoulders so I would always stay away from the trend. Around a couple of months ago, I got my first off-the-shoulder top and I was completely hooked. From then on, I have expanded my collection, and now I have over 7 off-the-shoulder pieces. 
Since I am now hooked on the trend, it was only appropriate to keep adding to expand my collection. I received this off-the-shoulder piece from SheIn. Unlike the rest of the pieces that I own, this one has loose and flowy sleeves that I quite adore. I also love the color of this top. The shade of pink is just such an elegant muted color.

Top | SheIn
Bottom | Levi's
Shoes | Light In The Box