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OUTFIT | Library

As you all know I am terrible at blogging so I am behind on a lot of outfits. Here is just one of the outfits that I shot in the summer but never posted. If you're wondering where this is, it is the New York Public Library. Yes, the outside of the building looks like a castle made out of marble. If you follow any blogger in New York, chances are they've shot their outfits here before.

Long Denim, Long Legs with Zaful

Like I promised, here is another look from my collab with ZafulThis time I'm styling this denim maxi dress. Yes, even though it is a maxi dress, I thought it would be more of my style if I used it as a cover up instead. I really love this look. as you can see, it really elongates my body. In case you were wondering, I got this denim dress in the size 2XL. I can see this being as one of my go to cover up. It being denim makes it very versatile to wear.

Cozying it up with Dezzal

I don't know what is going on, but the weather in NYC has gotten quite chilly lately. I understand that it is fall, but it was just few days ago where I manage to break a sweat just by walking down the street.. All of the sudden I had to whip out my outerwear collection. Not that I'm complaining, I've been craving outerwears (lol). One morning I woke up, got off of my bed, and thought "ahhh.. it is time" It was time to rock this beautiful coat that I received from Dezzal