September 30, 2016

OUTFIT | Cozying it up with Dezzal

I don't know what is going on, but the weather in NYC has gotten quite chilly lately. I understand that it is fall, but it was just few days ago where I manage to break a sweat just by walking down the street.. All of the sudden I had to whip out my outerwear collection. Not that I'm complaining, I've been craving outerwears (lol). One morning I woke up, got off of my bed, and thought "ahhh.. it is time" It was time to rock this beautiful coat that I received from Dezzal

I just love everything about this coat. The burgundy and navy combo, whattt?? I know I usually don't do colors, but I just couldn't resist this combo. The oversized fit is what got me. I'm not sure if the oversized outerwear trend is over, but I know for sure I'm not over the trend. To top it all off, this coat has a design on the back that I thought was really cool. This coat is definitely 10/10, I highly recommend. 

Coat | Dezzal
Top | Forever 21
Shoes | Urban Outfitters

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September 27, 2016

OUTFIT | Flowing around with Zaful

I know I just did an all white look in my last post, but I just can't resist. You guys know that if I'm not wearing black, then I'm probably in something white. Although I do wear some colors occasionally, black and white is my go to. This time around, I'm teaming up with Zaful to bring you a couple of looks on my blog. For this first look I styled their beautiful white chiffon dress.

I've always wanted one of those white flowy effortless dresses and when I saw this on Zaful, I had to get it. this dress has everything that I looked for. Long flowy skirt with slightly long slightly oversized sleeves. walking around in this dress makes me feel like a princess. my only tiny complain would probably be the length of the slip under the skirt. I just wish it was full length instead of half. but is is not something that really bothers me.

Dress | Zaful
Shoes | Sam Edelman

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September 5, 2016

OUTFIT | White Canvas

 choker | forever 21
top | forever 21
 bottom | h&M
long dress | uniqlo
shoes | aldo

have any of you guys tried doing an all white outfit before? yea i know, all white could be quite intimidating sometimes. I actually love the look of an all white outfit and I wish I could rock them more often but it is not easy. unlike an all black outfit, it is a lot more harder to pull off. mixing the wrong fits and you'll look like a potato. 
if you have not tried doing an all white outfit? i highly suggest giving it a chance. it might be hard but if you find the right pieces, it can turn out to be a bomb ass outfit (lol). yes, you can cheat by wearing a white dress and call it a day, but what is the fun in that? challenge yourself and try something new, you never know what could happen.

I'll see you guys next time!

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