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Rosegal Valentines Gifts

Another wishlist coming at you! This time my list will be from Rosegal. I've created this list to celebrate rosegal valentines day 2018. They have a lot of deals on clothes that you can pick to get ready for the special day. Since it is for valentines day, my choices have become quite girly even though it is not what I usually go for. Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration to create the perfect outfit with Rosegal valentines day deals.

Gamiss Valentines Gifts 2018

I've create another valentine's day wishlist to give you guys more options. This time I will be making a gamiss valentines day 2018 list. There is honestly a lot of options on Gamiss that it is hard for me to only choose 5 things. You definitely need to browse the website thoroughly to make  sure you don't miss any gems. Incase you're looking for some valentine's day gifts, hopefully this list will help you get an idea and find something for your loved ones.

Bringing Beanies Back

The snow is still sticking around the streets of New York. Before the temperature drops and melts all the snow away, I thought I would make the most out of the snow. Unfortunately when I went outside, it was full of dirty slush. We ended up going to West Village to take photos around the neighborhood but I still had to edit the photos to clean up the snow.