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Crop Top Obsession (Ft. Shein)

My crop top collection is continuously growing. I don't know why I have to have so many of them, but they are my go to tops. I wear crop tops even in the winter, so of course when it is hot I have to take advantage of the weather and actually dress for the season.

Floral Madness

I'm not even a floral person but I don't know why when the weather gets warmer, it tends to be a print that I go for. Of course the floral that I picked is dark because ya girl was not gonna rock some rainbow florals. This piece is also from Shein and it actually also come in a lighter version if you're into light floral prints.

Camo Print

 New York skipped spring and went directly to summer. We have been getting above 70 weathers here and there and if you know me, you already know how much complaints I have about it. To counteract the heat, I've been living in my go-to combo which is a crop top, kimono and a pair of high waisted bottoms. I recently been on a hunt for new crop tops and found this baby on Shein.