Longline Coat | Pashmina Scarf | Leather Pouch 

So my winter break was over since Monday. While some of you guys are still enjoying your break, I just started my winter course at FIT. On the bright side, I still don't have to physically go to school because I'm taking the online course. But still, who wants to be doing homework when all your other friends are still free from school work.

I know I have been inconsistent with updating my blog but I just can't help it. Sometimes I am just not inspired at all. Plus NYC weather has been horrible. But those are just some excuses that I tell myself to feel better. 

I had to drop my mom's friend at the airport yesterday and my brother took some snaps for me after . It was so cold that we didn't even bother to browse for location, hence the parking lot background. Well now that I'm done with this post it's time for me to go to class…

Photo Credit: Tio

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    I'm the one who messaged you on tumblr about your blog =] (http://shianasongwriter.tumblr.com)


I love reading your comments! Also link back to your blog so I can check them out! XD