OUTFIT | Mileage

Black Beanie |  Cocoon Boucle´ Coat  | Doc Martens Shoes

Check out who's updating their blog again!! Yup, I'm trying to post a new outfit every week. This is only week 2 so we'll see how long this will last. If I can keep this up for at least a month, I deserve a cookie.

As you can see from the last post, the weather is no joke. The snow keeps going on and off and it needs to stop. I give props to myself, I think I did a pretty good job concealing how cold I was (my face is something that is out of my control T_T). For the next few outfits, don't expect anything more than me trying to bundle up.

 Also shout out to my camera girl for being a real trooper!!

Check out our new baking video. We will be posting every week.

Photo credit: Leanne Aks

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