OUTFIT | Black Hole

Lace Set - Dress Link
Long Cardigan - H&M
Leather Clutch - Forever 21 (similar)
Sandals - Aldo (Whitmill) 

I'm back to updating once in a blue moon. lately, Whenever I try to shoot there is always something that HAS to go wrong.  ranging from malfunctioning equipment to simply a very bad hair day. it has been very frustrating but I think we're back on track. This is my second attempt shooting this outfit and I'm happy to be able to actually share the results.

I received this lovely lace set from Dress Link. The asked me to choose anything from their website and this top and midi set caught my eye. I was torn between the black and the white set but in the end of course I picked the black instead. It was interesting styling something that I wouldn't usually go for. If you guys haven't heard of Dress Link, they carry wide varieties of women's fashion with a price range that is quite affordable.

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