OUTFIT | Bang Bang Bang

Striped crop top - h&M
Full skirt - All saints spitafield
hat - forever21
shoes - steve madden (kalypsso)

the heat in new york is slowly becoming more and more unbearable. I ask myself this question every year, "how did i survive last summer?" and I never have an answer. I guess even my brain refuse to recall those hot summer days. If you haven't realized yet, I am not a big fan of the summer weather.  Sticky hot weather is just not my cup of tea. Of course, is it really summer if you don't complain about how hot the weather is? well I should stop here before I go on a rant about summer weather. don't worry, i'm almost 100% sure you'll be hearing more of this in later posts.

Hope you all are enjoying the weather more than I am and I'll see you next time.

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