OUTFIT | Virgin Blak Tote

Hat - Forever21
Top - H&M
Pants - Forever21
Shoes - Steve Madden

It is summer and I am wearing all black. lately i have been testing the limit of my body. The temperature here in new york has been reaching up all the way to the 90s. lets also not forget how the humidity can get a little crazy too. I wonder how far will I last in the summer with wearing all black.

now that I've updated you with the weather report, now is time to talk about my new go to bag. if you've followed me for a while, you've probably seen my black tote that i wore 90% of the time. well I have been planning on retiring that bag but i couldn't find a replacement until now.

if you haven't heard of Virgin Blak, it is an online retailer that carries dark and edgy clothing. their avant-garde and punk rock fashion is definitely one of my favorites. unlike those other punk shops, Virgin Blak offers unique items that is one of a kind.

when i was browsing through their website, I came across this Latticed Tote Bag and fell in love. instead of something simple I decided with a bag that is more edgy and it was the best decision that I have not had in a while. when the bag arrived in the mail i was very pleased. i was satisfied with both style and quality of the product. the adjustable straps comes in very handy when I choose to carry it over my shoulder or when i JUST want to carry it in my hand. it definitely will add some points to my all black outfits.

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