Koneko Cat Cafe

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We went to a cat cafe the other day that is located in the Lower East Side. They are called Koneko and is located between Stanton and Clinton Street. If you happen to be a cat lover, or even if you aren't one, I recommend coming to this cafe just to get the experience. I promise, you will not regret  going. I mean why would you turn down a chance to pet cats? (unless you are allergic to cats. I can't help you there). 
So how it works pretty much for the price of $15, you get a full hour at the cattery. They have 3 floors (2 indoors and 1 outdoor) and you get to play and pet the cats there. Of course there's a lot of rules that you need to follow, but for that you can check out their Koneko Cat Cafe website.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the cats because I was too busy petting and recording the little puff balls. But don't worry, I will probably have the video up on youtube soon. so keep an eye out for some cat actions.

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