Fedora | Aldo
Choker | Necessary Clothing
Shirt | GAP
Pants | Uniqlo
Shoes | Dr. Martens

I would love to start this post with "IT'S FINALLY SUMMER!"but that's just not how it goes around here. the only thing that I like about summer is that we are that much closer to the fall season. Hate to be a downer but for all of you sun lover, enjoy it while it last.

 Enough about the weather, let's talk about my obsession with this velvet choker that I got from Necessary Clothing. I've seen plenty of chokers in the market but none ever grabbed my heart. I wanted a plain band design that I even considered tying a ribbon around my neck.When I saw this on, I fell in love. It goes with everything in my closet that it is hard NOT to wear it. Since I am finally on the choker wagon, I am definitely on the hunt for some other similar styles.

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