OUTFIT | Ribbon

Hat | aldo
dress | uniqlo X lemaire
shoes | steve madden
chocker | asos 

this dress might be THE dress for me this summer. it was love at first sight. I saw this dress online at uniqlo and i fell in love with the cut of the dress. It being on sale I decided to grab my size and check out immediately. After I checked out I decided to read some of the reviews (yes, I know. please read reviews before you purchase anything). the reviews were actually quite disappointing. many customers had bought the dress and did not like the fit, bad fabric, too oversized, etc. i was saddened by the reviews but i decided to keep it positive and just wait until the item itself arrives in front of my door. 
like i told you in the beginning, i ended up loving the dress. i'm very happy that i read the reviews AFTER purchasing the dress. if i had read the reviews first, i probably would not have bought the dress.

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  1. I loved that hat. I'm looking for such a long time and I can not find one that would be ideal. A good hat is half successful styling.


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