OUTFIT | Striped Culottes

Hi guys! is everybody enjoying their summer? i've actually been quite busy lately but it has been fun. i never thought that i would need to plan my day, but I have been doing so. at the end of the day i would write my to do list for the next day so nothing is left undone. even though sometimes i still don't follow my list with an excuse "i'LL HAVE TIME TO do it tomorrow." yeah, I'm terrible. 

now let's talk about this outfit. i realized that i've been in low-key in love with stripes. i would wear the pattern here and there, but it is definitely becoming a favorite of mine. I first saw these pants on Vivian, a fellow instagrammer and I fell in love. If you pass your local zara, definitely check them out. they also come in black and let me just say they are soon comfortable.

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