Summer Witch

 Hat | aldo
kimono | h&M
harem pants | h&m
shoes |  chanel

yes, I'm that crazy person that you see on the street and go make you think or sometimes even say out loud "it's too hot for that." I've lost count as to how many times strangers have gone up to me and ask me "aren't you hot?" TO THAT, I usually would JUST respond jokingly and say things like "oh god i'm dying" LOL. but you know sometimes you'll meet one of those rude ass mofos that need to mind their own goddamn business, to them you can just say "STFU!" (of course I'm joking I only did this once lol)
well whatever it is you're wearing, as long as it makes you feel good and happy i say GO FOR IT. 

fOR BRUNCH WE WENT TO bLUESTONE LANE. If you haven't you should definitely grab a friend and go get brunch together. The cafe is quite tiny, but they also have outdoors seating. they have 2 indoor marble table, so if you want to do some fire flatlay shots, they have you covered. when we came the tables were taken so we sat by the window which was still a cute area to shoot your food which you can see from my picture.
as for food, I went for the rainbow bowl. It is pretty much a bowl of colorful veggies with their yogurt dressing. I was surprised by how I WAS STRUGGLING TO FINISH MY FOOD. not only was it delicious, THE PORTION WAS also QUITE BIG. on the right is ana's food. I FORGOT THE NAME, BUT SHE GOT THE TOAST WITH AVOCADO AND YOGURT COMBO.

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