When summer is ending..

Top | boohoo
bottom | zara
sandals | fitflop

How is everybody doing? I hopefully you all had a wonderful summer and are all ready for fall. the time has come where i will be going back to school. i have exactly 1 more week until school starts. i honestly do not know how everything is going to be but I am hoping i can still give you guys contents. i know i'm slacking with the blogpost but if you guys want faster outfit updates, you are probably better off following my instagram @ingridlikesyou. i actually shot this outfit all the way in july and you guys are just now seeing this post. do you see how backed up I am? I have all these outfits sitting in my computer waiting to see daylight. 

that's all the update i have for you guys so far. I'll see you all next time

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  1. YOU ARE AMAZINGLY CUTE LIL BAO :) Rock that bun...own that updo! kekeke <3

    XO Litto Dumpling


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