Cozying it up with Dezzal

I don't know what is going on, but the weather in NYC has gotten quite chilly lately. I understand that it is fall, but it was just few days ago where I manage to break a sweat just by walking down the street.. All of the sudden I had to whip out my outerwear collection. Not that I'm complaining, I've been craving outerwears (lol). One morning I woke up, got off of my bed, and thought "ahhh.. it is time" It was time to rock this beautiful coat that I received from Dezzal

I just love everything about this coat. The burgundy and navy combo, whattt?? I know I usually don't do colors, but I just couldn't resist this combo. The oversized fit is what got me. I'm not sure if the oversized outerwear trend is over, but I know for sure I'm not over the trend. To top it all off, this coat has a design on the back that I thought was really cool. This coat is definitely 10/10, I highly recommend. 

Coat | Dezzal
Top | Forever 21
Shoes | Urban Outfitters

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