White Canvas

 Choker | Forever 21
Top | Forever 21
 Bottom | H&M
Long dress | Uniqlo
Shoes | Aldo

Have any of you guys tried doing an all white outfit before? Yea I know, all white could be quite intimidating sometimes. I actually love the look of an all white outfit and I wish I could rock them more often but it is not easy. Unlike an all black outfit, it is a lot more harder to pull off. Mixing the wrong fits and you'll look like a potato. 
If you have not tried doing an all white outfit? I highly suggest giving it a chance. It might be hard but if you find the right pieces, it can turn out to be a bomb ass outfit (lol). Yes, you can cheat by wearing a white dress and call it a day, but what is the fun in that? Challenge yourself and try something new, you never know what could happen.

I'll see you guys next time!

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