Dapper Gal

I remember back in high school I used to rock suspenders like nobody else. Sometimes I would even add a tie that would match my suspenders. It’s funny how dapper I used to be. I never thought I would be rocking the same style from years ago but here I am. I think I might even go out and get myself more suspenders (maybe some ties?).

Can we talk about this top? Yes, I have enough of white button ups but this one was just too cute for me to pass up. The details are just everything. Wish you can see more of the details on the collar. It is actually a pair of red-painted fingernails. 
These suspender trousers are also from Zaful. Unfortunately you can't really tell from a far, but the suspenders are actually attached to the pants. To top it all off, they are velvet. Yes, they went all out on this one.
Top | Zaful
Suspender Trousers | | Zaful
Coat | Forever 21
Boots | Aldo
Fedora | Aldo


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