Faux Sueding

Faux suede trench? What?
Yes, you read that right. It ain't just a regular trench, it is suede (faux). Trench coats have been around for quite a while, and it's just one of those pieces that is a staple in your fall wardrobe. I went everywhere to look for a trench coat but all I can find is the typical beige colored trench. It was not until the guys at Zaful contacted me to do another collab that I found the trench coat of my dream.

 I didn't really get into trench coats until I saw one of my guy blogger friend (@dapperknowsbest) rocking a blue trench with his dapper style on Instagram. He opened my eyes, "I need to look like that!" Well, I don't exactly look as dapper as him, but...
 This trench coat is such a beautiful piece, every time I wear it I always receive compliments. I remember wearing it to class and 2 of my classmates stopped me to ask where I got my trench from. Don't get me started on strangers on the street.
Jacket | Zaful
Pants | Zara
Shoes | Sam Edelman
Bag | Forever 21

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  1. That sueded trench is soooo rad! Love the whole entire look <3


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