It has always been my dream to own a pinstriped suit. I've been lusting for one but whenever I see one it would cost me an arm or a leg. Since I can't afford a suit, I had to go with my next best option. I've teamed up with StyleWe to style this pinstriped jacket and bring you some double pinstriped goodness on the blog.

Ugh, I can't tell you how obsessed I am with this jacket. Wearing it just feels so right. It just screams "dapper" and it's nice to feel dapper from time to time. On the website this jacket is advertised as a "coat" but as you can see it is more of a light jacket. I personally don't mind since I already have a pinstriped coat (lol).

 I was going for that "SUIT UP!" look, of course I had to style this jacket with a white button up. I was also lucky enough to have owned a pair of pinstriped pants before hand and it paired quiet nicely with the jacket. They are not exactly identical, but they are close enough to pass.
 Jacket | StyleWe
Pants | Forever 21
Choker | Jade Chi
Boots| Urban Outfitters

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