Earth Tones

If I had a list of all my favorite outfits, this fit would definitely be on that list. There are 2 things that makes this outfit go on the list. The first reason has GOT to be the color palette. The khaki culottes and olive cardigan gives it that earth tones vibe to it. I don't think I've ever done anything like this before. It's quite fresh compared to my typical black and white combos. I've been experimenting with more colors and so far so good.

The second reason would be this white crop top from Tobi. I probably have over 5 black crop tops and I've been dying to find a cute white one. When I saw this one on Tobi, I just HAD to get it. I mean, do you see the corset detail in the front??? If you didn't, I'm going to need you to scroll back up and look at it! Since it is white and goes with literally anything in my closet, I've been having a hard time trying NOT to wear this top. I made a rule to only wear it once a week (lol).

Top | Tobi
Culottes | Tobi
Cardigan | Thrifted
Shoes | DressLily

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