Pink Lovin'

 I don't think a lot of people know this, but my favorite color is actually pink. Most assume that my favorite color is black (yes, I know black is a shade not a color). I mean don't blame them. If I had the option to pick between a black shirt and a pink shirt, I will probably pick the black one. But that doesn't mean I don't like the pink one, the black is just more versatile and I'll get to wear it more often.

Another fact about me, I am obsessed with long cover ups/button ups/kimonos. Mostly because I don't like showing my arms and I THINK they make me skinnier. But also because there is just something that I love about long flowy things.

When I saw this kimono on Tobi, I asked myself "Do I really need another kimono?" Since you're reading this post, we all know the answer to that. To be fair, my favorite color IS pink and I've never had a pink kimono before. AND WOULD YOU LOOK THAT THE BACK DETAILS!! The embroidery on this thing is adorable!!

Hat | Aldo
Kimono | Tobi
Midi Dress | Thrifted
Platform | Chanel


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