Fall Palette Ft. Shein

I have always wanted to dress in fall colors but I seem to always fail with majority of my closet being black. Yea, black works for fall palettes but I wanted to do the warm browns, beiges and neutrals. Just like the fallen leaves during the fall season. Once again I have teamed up with Shein and this time we are bringing to you a fall appropriate outfit.

When I saw these pants on their website, I thought they would be perfect for fall. The shade of brown was perfect, and I had an idea of doing a monochrome brown/beige outfit. Unfortunately when the pants came in the mail, the color was very different compared to the color on their website. In person they are more of an orange color. The shade was not so bright that I could not work with them, but I was once again put up to a challenge of styling a colorful piece.
As you can see, the outfit ended up being quite dope. I planned this outfit with a pair of brown trousers, but I did not mind the orange what so ever. It is interesting to see what you can create with things that you thought you would not like. I myself struggle with trying new things because I know what I like already but when there is a chance to try something new, DO IT!
Top | Mango
Pants | Shein


  1. In love with your style girl! Amazing blog.
    Love the autumnal color combination in this outfit, the trench coat is beautiful.

    - Marina



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