Frayed Edges Ft. Rose Gal

I've been seeing the wide-legged-jeans trend everywhere. I've always wanted to try but I was always scared that they would not flatter my body. I'm so glad I actually gave this trend a chance and just went with these pair from Rose Gal. Not only was it a great decision, I would probably recommend this style trend to everybody.

What I love about these jeans is that even though they may look simple, you can't miss the little hem detail. The frayed edges give these simple jeans a little "oomf" that will boost up your outfit. I honestly wish these jeans would come in other shades so I can just wear them everyday. A light blue would have been right up my alley.
Top | Forever 21
Jeans | Rose Gal
Outerwear | H&M
Shoes | Asos


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