Bubble Gum Faux Fur

A snowstorm hit NYC a couple of days ago and this is the aftermath. I was excited to see the city covered in snow and decided to go to Central Park. I went with one of my friends who surprisingly was willing to go through the harsh cold with me just for photos. Snow shots are honestly my favorite so I'm always willing to tough it out but not a lot of people do. Plus I thought the snow would look dope with my new faux fur from Shein.
I've always wanted a faux fur coat but just never got around to getting one. It being my first one I was quite scared of the color. I was not sure if I'll be able to wear it out a lot. I'm glad I went with it because the shade of pink is so pretty. I got a couple of compliments from strangers and that's always nice.  

Faux Fur Jacket | Shein

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