Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me Feat. Shein

Like I promised on my last post, I'm back with another outfit featuring the same crop top from Shein. This time I am wearing the black version. I was really going for that 'call be, beep me if you wanna reach me' look (any Kim Possible fan out there? lol). I may not be as flexible nor as badass as the childhood bae but I think I nailed the look. 

I know at a glance it looks like I am only wearing one top but I am actually wearing two separate tops. I decided to layer the tank with a long sleeved mesh top that I totally forgot I had. It is always nice to rediscover a piece  in your closet. It is almost like having new clothes that you didn't spend your money on.
Crop Tank | Shein
Cargo | H&M
Shoes | Asos


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