Crop Top Obsession (Ft. Shein)

My crop top collection is continuously growing. I don't know why I have to have so many of them, but they are my go to tops. I wear crop tops even in the winter, so of course when it is hot I have to take advantage of the weather and actually dress for the season.

If you look at my crop top collection, you might think that I have duplicates of the same piece, but you need to think again. From a glance you might think I have 4 of the same white crop tops, but each piece actually have different styles and fabrics.
Right now I'm currently into square neck crop tops. In the beginning I thought they would just be like my other crop tops, but the shape actually compliments my body very well. I have been wearing this white one from Shein at least once a week. I will also be styling the black version of this top in my next post so watch out for that.
Crop top | Shein
Cullottes | Zara
Cover up | H&M


  1. Love your dress, great summer look!

  2. i have no words for your dress and your beauty looks.!
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